Privet Earth
Forest Queen hitting Australian TV

Arpil 2015

Privet Earth's single "Forest Queen" (of the album "Breaking the ice") is hitting Australian TV and Air waves on May 1st 2015!

Please tune in and request "Forest Queen" at Foxtel networks V Hits, Channel V, Smooth, Max and Radio stations Melbourne 102.7 FM RRR and Sydney FBI 94.5 FM Radio!

Please watch the full version of the video here:



Grab your copy of "Breaking The Ice" today!

February 2015

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PRIVET EARTH – 2015 Music Critics Darling

Februar 2015

US and UK well known indie music publications (Vents and All Whats Rock) simultaneously give Privet Earth's new album "Breaking The Ice" the highest score - 10/10 stars!!!




Release Dates

December 2014

Blitz-Rockers! We are very excited to announce the Release Dates for Privet EARTH 's Lead single "Forest Queen" and "Breaking The Ice" album, due to be released via Spectra Music Group!

"Forest Queen" - January 20th, 2015.
It's going to be released digitally in all major online stores such as iTunes,, Rhapsody and more Worldwide.

"Breaking The Ice" - March 10th, 2015
It's going to be released digitally in all major online stores Worldwide, and physically in US major retail chains such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and more.

Stay tuned for more details!!! BLITZZ


Dive Video Presented

September 2014

This underwater journey has begun last October!... And finally, after getting wet A LOT and almost drowning (in some cases ;)), PRIVET EARTH is proud to present: DIVE! Spasibo!!!


"Breaking The Ice" To Be Released
On Spectra Music Group In 2015

August 6th 2014

Ivan Smirnov (Privet Earth) inks a deal with Spectra Music Group to promote and distribute Privet Earth’s second studio album “Breaking the Ice” worldwide!
Spectra Music Group is the largest independent music label in North America (possibly, in the world) with offices in New York, South Carolina, Canada, Germany and Australia. BLITZ!!!



Russian Tour Reports

June 2014


New bassist

April 11th 2014

We blitz-rocked Molly Malone's in Hollywood with our new bassist - Deanna Thomas!



Interview for LA Talk Radio

April, 2014

In case you missed our 1 hour long blitz-rock blasting interview with Ilona Europa on Accent On! program at LA Talk Radio, you can listen to it now in archives:


Interview for Premier Russian Radio

April, 2014

Listen to Privet EARTH first Russian interview in America on Premier Russian Radio


Band Of The Week in Teen View Music

March, 2014

Privet EARTH is A BAND OF THE WEEK in Teen View Music magazine (Long Beach, CA). Check out the review:

Even if they had a mainstream vocalist, some differences could still be made between Privet Earth and your average pop band. For instance, there are guitar solos, however brief they may be. Additionally, the drums—although not deeply intense—add a rock-ish sound that isn’t commonly heard in pop music. They have a more edgy, Stars in Stereo-esque style of pop music. Don’t get me wrong, they still have the traditional pop aspects (constantly upbeat, oftentimes lacking of a bass line, etc.); they just don’t allow that to dominate their sound. I can’t say this is a band where I would buy all their music or stand in line for hours just to purchase a concert ticket, but they are definitely something special. Privet Earth is not a band to be ignored; they have something to offer to the music world.

#1 Artist on Reverbnation in ALL GENRES!!!

March, 4, 2014

PRIVET EARTH hit # 1 Artist on Reverbnation in ALL GENRES!!!

The Hollywood Reporter. Grammy issue. Page 20.

January 2014

January 21st 2014. The Hollywood Reporter. Grammy issue. Page 20.

VH1 interviews PRIVET EARTH!

December 2013

And... now it's on the web!!! Enjoy, share, re-post, spread the love and blitz-rock all over the place!!!!!

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