Privet Earth
Privet EARTH Italian week

May 2015

It's truly an Italian week in the world of Privet EARTH! In addition to our upcoming music video with FIAT USA, Emergenza Musicale Magazine has just released a video summary of what Ivan Smirnov does in his "spare" time! :)))


Forest Queen hitting Australian TV

April 2015

Privet Earth's single "Forest Queen" (of the album "Breaking the ice") is hitting Australian TV and Air waves on May 1st 2015!

Please tune in and request "Forest Queen" at Foxtel networks V Hits, Channel V, Smooth, Max and Radio stations Melbourne 102.7 FM RRR and Sydney FBI 94.5 FM Radio!

Please watch the full version of the video here:



Grab your copy of "Breaking The Ice" today!

February 2015

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PRIVET EARTH – 2015 Music Critics Darling

Februar 2015

US and UK well known indie music publications (Vents and All Whats Rock) simultaneously give Privet Earth's new album "Breaking The Ice" the highest score - 10/10 stars!!!




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