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Interview for The HUB

March, 2014

For all the guitar gear freaks, check out this article from The Hub, featuring Ivan Smirnov of Privet EARTH

Band Of The Week in Teen View Music

March, 2014

Privet EARTH is A BAND OF THE WEEK in Teen View Music magazine (Long Beach, CA). Check out the review:

Even if they had a mainstream vocalist, some differences could still be made between Privet Earth and your average pop band. For instance, there are guitar solos, however brief they may be. Additionally, the drums—although not deeply intense—add a rock-ish sound that isn’t commonly heard in pop music. They have a more edgy, Stars in Stereo-esque style of pop music. Don’t get me wrong, they still have the traditional pop aspects (constantly upbeat, oftentimes lacking of a bass line, etc.); they just don’t allow that to dominate their sound. I can’t say this is a band where I would buy all their music or stand in line for hours just to purchase a concert ticket, but they are definitely something special. Privet Earth is not a band to be ignored; they have something to offer to the music world.

#1 Artist on Reverbnation in ALL GENRES!!!

March, 4, 2014

PRIVET EARTH hit # 1 Artist on Reverbnation in ALL GENRES!!!

Live at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood! FREE show!

February 2014

LA blitz-rockers!
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21 +

Featured Artist Of The Week on Reverbnation

February 2014

The Hollywood Reporter. Grammy issue. Page 20.

January 2014

January 21st 2014. The Hollywood Reporter. Grammy issue. Page 20.

Uberrock (UK) reviews Breaking The Ice LP

January 2014

Ivan Smirnoff has created a commercial sounding rock album that mixes things up and could well appeal to the masses if pushed in the right direction. Their sound is quite hard to pigeon-hole which is a good thing and refreshing to hear, a bit of Foxy Shazam here, a good dose of Mika there, it just sounds nice to my ears this Blitz-Rock thing. Smirnoff's range is simply quite stunning, the way he soars to those seemingly unreachable, ball-breaking notes with ease and a good dose of campness for good measure. If you are after something a bit different, want to be a bit adventurous or even hanker for something a bit quirky and pop-tastic then Privet Earth! could be your next port of call.

VH1 interviews PRIVET EARTH!

December 2013

And... now it's on the web!!! Enjoy, share, re-post, spread the love and blitz-rock all over the place!!!!!

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