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"The End of The Broken World" Project Seeking Artists

May 2016

Major music magazine Music Connection  has joined Privet EARTH 's Ivan Smirnov in his heart-felt messagel to the music community worldwide!

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One of 25 Best New Music Acts in North America

December 2015

A well-known US music publication "Music Connection" has published their annual "Top 25 Best New Music Critiques" list, including PRIVET EARTH as one of the highest scorers!

Top Rated International Artist of All Time

November 2015

On November 23rd, 2015  Italy's Radiostar TV Music Channel has officially named Privet EARTH their "Sono gli artisti internazionali più votati di sempre" , which means in Italian :

"The Top Rated International Artist of All Time!"

 Privet Earth's new video "Big City" has been residing on top of the charts in Rome for over 11 consecutive weeks now! And that number is growing.

Blitz-Rock Runs in the Family

November 2015

PRIVET EARTH joins the likes of Pharrel Williams, Shaggy and Sofia Reyes as one of FIAT's favorite music acts on Facebook !

"Big city" Music Video Released!

August 2015

Drum roll!!!!.... Action!!!! We present to you our newest music video endeavor in collaboration with FIAT USA : BIG CITY. Dance the night away and share it with your friends! Blitz-rock!!!


Artist of the Week at Music Connection Magazine!

July 2015

Artist of the Week at Music Connection

Self-described “blitz-rock” artist Ivan Smirnov exudes a distinctive life-force that some of us feel could enliven a Disney movie, such as the Frozen franchise. The artist’s confident, princely and playful voice propels “Forest Queen,” royally convincing you he’s having a ton of fun, a swirl of dancers around him. In fact, we kept hearing a pronounced theatricality in these recordings (helped by strong orchestration) that more than suggests musical theater. “Ice Orkestra” has a similar entertainment value, an energy that is enjoyable to hear. “Big City” is a straightforward electro-rocker that we found less satisfying. We strongly urge this artist/ composer to make inroads into the film/TV realm, particularly animated musicals.

Score: 8.2 / 10


"Big city" Music Video Trailer Out Now!

July 2015

Be a part of the PRIVET EARTH / FIAT experience at the "BIG CITY" Music Video Release Party on August 21st at "The Other Door" in North Hollywood!

Blitz-rock with us! Stay tuned for more details!


Privet EARTH Italian week

May 2015

It's truly an Italian week in the world of Privet EARTH! In addition to our upcoming music video with FIAT USA, Emergenza Musicale Magazine has just released a video summary of what Ivan Smirnov does in his "spare" time! :)))


Forest Queen hitting Australian TV

April 2015

Privet Earth's single "Forest Queen" (of the album "Breaking the ice") is hitting Australian TV and Air waves on May 1st 2015!

Please tune in and request "Forest Queen" at Foxtel networks V Hits, Channel V, Smooth, Max and Radio stations Melbourne 102.7 FM RRR and Sydney FBI 94.5 FM Radio!

Please watch the full version of the video here:



Grab your copy of "Breaking The Ice" today!

February 2015

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PRIVET EARTH – 2015 Music Critics Darling

Februar 2015

US and UK well known indie music publications (Vents and All Whats Rock) simultaneously give Privet Earth's new album "Breaking The Ice" the highest score - 10/10 stars!!!




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